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Established in 1999 by Joshua Will, THE RECOVERY PARTY started out with a single goal: to produce quality comedy without all the drama.

Armed with award-winning writers, talented performers, accomplished musicians, and a chip on their collective shoulders, THE RECOVERY PARTY continuously demonstrates that quality stories can be told in less than five minutes, that characters are created though emotions and attitude rather than costumes, and that actors can create a living set better than any backdrop, lighting or props could ever accomplish.

Of course, THE RECOVERY PARTY still uses things like costumes and lights and stuff – it’s more fun that way.

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The Shows

If everything is sacred, nothing is funny.

The Shows

If everything is sacred, nothing is funny.

In a world filled with cheap sex jokes and easy laughs, THE RECOVERY PARTY has stepped forward with their brand of polished and thought-provoking satirical sketch comedy*

* THE RECOVERY PARTY isn’t saying they’re above cheap laughs, they just admit that they exist.


NOUN: 1a. A literary work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit. 1b. The branch of literature constituting such works. 2. Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity.


Good satirical comedy should make you laugh first and think second. Really good satirical comedy will make you laugh, think and laugh again.

THE RECOVERY PARTY tries to do the really good kind.

As finessed as anything I’ve seen in a national act…the performers themselves, and their individual styles and special talents, [form] a unifying ensemble in much the same way that the best casts of Saturday Night Live accomplished.   (

But why “The Recovery Party?” 

“Recovery” because satire should not only attacks human vice and folly but also offer up solutions – no matter how silly they may be.

“Party” because satire celebrates life – everything from the glorious to the mundane.

“The” because a prefix needs to be attached to the front of a word to produce a derivative title or an inflected form.

From 2008's "Department of Redundancy Department" it's "The Alternative Animal Alphabet" -- Our Children's Book for Adults.!  Order HERE!

The Shows

Why We Can't Have Nice Things               (or: The Peril of Choice)                              2016

Sex and Sensibility                                  (2014)                                                       Minnesota Fringe Festival participant

Push Button. Get Bacon.                      (2013-2014)

the VOW factor                                        (2012)

Danger! Will/Robinson                         (2011-2012)

Department of Redundancy Department (2009-2010)



Song and Sketch for Happy Laugh Time (2004)

Big Smile Campaign Team                  (2002-2003)

2000 P.S.I.                                                         (2001)

The Phallic Menace: An Insider's Guide       to America                                                   (1999)                                                    Edingburgh Fringe Festival Participant (Scotland)


Corporate Shows

Minnesota Vikings 50th Anniversary Celebration - Minneapolis convention Center



Why We Can't Have Nice Things - "The Recovery Party’s latest original show is about options, from having too many to not having enough, but that doesn’t begin to describe the absurd lengths, heights and depths to which writer/director Joshua Will takes the simplest interactions.

Such as “Thank you” and “You’re welcome.” Pages of it.

This is smart, incisive, laugh-out-loud satire. The writing and execution are as clever as you’ll find anywhere. Anywhere!

The wonder of Will’s writing (and the improv skills of this company) is that he can zero in on life’s minutiae, riff on it for sketch after sketch and it never becomes tedious. In fact, it just gets funnier.

And funnier. And funnier."  (Preus,

"The show is sharp social satire with occasional flights into the absurd ... [it] presents a snappy series of highly literate sketches ... Nice Things has a lot of laughs about things that are on all of our minds." (Jules, MNTheaterLove)

"A series of over two dozen rapid-fire scenes and songs that move seamlessly from one to the next.  Callbacks to previous characters, jokes and situations abound.  Why We Can’t Have Nice Things is a tight and very funny piece of writing.  The guys do just as well with the off-beat musical numbers as they do the scripted comedy scenes.  In pretty much every case, the songs sort of come out of left field, yet they’re strangely grounded in the satirical reality of the scenes out of which they spring." (Everett, Single White Fringe Geek.)


Push Button. Get Bacon - "This is clever, scripted and rehearsed sketch comedy performed by a small ensemble of versatile and skilled actors. But what really stands out is the seriously good comedy writing by Josh Will, who also directed. He understands that a joke has to make one very clear point and then stop. You can run the joke again, but next time, it needs a change up, and the next time has to top them all. He gets it, he really does. Life’s absurdities get skewered with no viciousness." (Preus,


Sex and Sensibility - "It's funny, clever, sketch comedy, perhaps like what Saturday Night Live is supposed to be." (Cherry and Spoon)


Department of Redundancy Department - "It’s class A sketch comedy with material that dabbles in the politically incorrect without attempting to impress us with their daring. In other words, it’s genuinely funny."





















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